Harisinga is a small town…

Here is a thought provoking blog. The blogger narrates a story  that happened on 30th May 2016 in a small town in Assam under Boroland Territorial Council.

A  tribal ( Bodo) youth was brutally assaulted leading to loss of  his eyesight merely on the suspicion of being a thief. Have not seen much on the incident in the  national or even local media.  My prayers for  his early recovery and also  appeal to law enforcing authorities for punishing the guilty.

I wanted to talk about the last paragraph  of the blog  which says that   Harisinga is a small town mostly populated by Assamese, Koch Ragbongshi, Nepalese, Rabhas and Bodos….

Here lies the point. To my understanding the Koch Rajbongshis and even to a large extent Rabhas  of Harisinga  predominantly  speak Assamese as their first language.  Even Nepalese of the location would have no hesitation to call themselves Assamese  to a broader audience.

It is unfortunate to note that for many  people writing and talking about Assam and Assamese, it has become fashionable to use a divisive tone and thereby questioning the Assamese identity.


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