Where is the disconnect….

Since 2014 we have  been watching  setbacks for “progressive-intellectual- liberals”  of India.  2014 general election in India, unprecedented victory for  Modi  led BJP, BJP victory in elections held in most Indian states except Bihar , republican nomination for Donald Trump and now even Brexit  a reality.

Prior to the 2014 elections Modi  was just not acceptable to a certain section.  The basic plank was “ anti communal” agenda. Modi was called the perpetrator of Gujarat genocide of 2002. Personal attacks  on Modi  sounded  too uncivil from leading intellectual politicians such as “ Modi deserves to sell tea in a Congress rally”  and “ Modi’s knowledge of economics can be written on a  match box”.

But the people of India overwhelmingly  voted for Modi  in 2014 and that put a question mark on whether  the “progressive-intellectual- liberals” of India  had a disconnect with the reality.

Similarly the ease with which Donald Trump won the Republican nomination keeps us baffled who follow the United States affairs through the intellectual Indian media.  This is so particularly as I recollect a Strobe Talbott interview published in an Indian newspaper in which he fully dismissed possibility of Trump getting even a nomination.  Though we do not know about  his final victory  prospects but what  we understand is that Donald Trump is overtly racial and communal .  Even Modi ‘s election campaign was largely on “Development”  and  the  communal  card was used very selectively. We have to wait till the year end and let’s see if  the media I refer to is going to present us any different proposition.

The Brexit is even more intriguing. The remain campaign was not just led by Britain’s own democratically elected Prime Minister but also by the United States President  and even Indian Prime Minister, leave aside the intellectuals across the world including India.

So let’s find out where is the disconnect…


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