Seventh Pay Commission

Once   again  pay revision has been  announced for government employees. In this  context  thought of sharing  some points.

Babus Vs CEOs

As per published reports  the topmost bureaucrat is set to get appx  2.5 lac month in addition to all benefits extended  to him. There will be  yearly performance appraisal but in all likelihood there will be no  scope of  demotion or firing as practiced in the corporate sector.

As per reports  there are almost hundred CEOs getting monthly salary of Rs1 crore and above.  Also there are middle level managers getting monthly of salary of Rs2.5 lac,  though the number  of such managers is  not known. Except for the CEOs who are also owners of the business in our understanding like the Ambanis , all corporate employees may be subjected to rigorous performance appraisal leading to demotion or even termination of services.

The Bottom of The Pyramid

Monthly salary of 2.5lac, earned by the topmost  bureaucrat and middle level managers  is much more than a day dream for most Indians reeling under unemployment and underemployment. On daily basis we come across MBA graduates working  @ below Rs20000 per month in India’s private sector. The “Performance Apprisal” in some cases is even on day to day basis.  The Department of Financial Services Govt. of India feels that  the Bank Mitras who are working in the field of financial inclusion at the grass root level should earn a “healthy” amount of at least Rs 5000 per month!

Govt  vs Pvt

As per media reports the junior  level Govt employees are not so happy about the seventh pay commission as the salary hike is not too attractive. But  “Job Security” which is the paramount consideration for the  Indian middle class makes “ Govt Job “ the most sought after  thing. The seventh pay commission keeps the job security angle intact.  While the  Govt  will continue to have no say on the corporate sector‘s inequity in pay packages and service conditions there seems to a consensus among all including the intellectuals on the validity of “Hiring and Firing “ practice by the private sector.

The Bottom Line

We fail to understand  how a CEO getting a salary of Rs 1 crore and above employs a subordinate at Rs20000 or less.  Similarly if the state is  compassionate about its employees why should it  have no say on any possible HR policy flaw in  the private sector. “ Ease of Doing Business”  should not be a tool for spreading inequality in the society.


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