Performance Review

Two  years for the Central Government is a reasonably long period. But two months for a State Government is too short a period to make any  comment on the performance.  I have been thinking about writing on the performance of  Modi Government and the current State Government in Assam for a while.

While doing so I have decided to think and write positives only  to the maximum extent possible as it is much easier to find faults and criticize.  Also I will try to  focus on issues affecting common people   and consciously avoid bigger and subjective issues like “Illegal Immigration”  and  “Saffronization”.

The Central Government

There has been a “Mission Mode ” in the style of working .Many  flagship programs have been  announced  such as  “Make  In India” , “Jan Dhan Yojana”, “Swach Bharat Abiyan” etc.  Government is proudly talking about the economic indicators like GDP growth rate, retail inflation, number of accounts opened under PMJDY and even  Railway Track and Road  Building  activities per day.

In this part of the country  we do not expect to be impacted by  the economic indicators.   I assume that “ Swach Bharat Abhiyan “ is a long term agenda.  In some of  my  recent train travels I  found  that the train compartments  are cleaner than previous occasions I had travelled.   Also may be  very  soon we will see trains connecting Agartala with major Indian cities ( though works began during UPA regime).

But my major concern is the “ Make In India” initiative which does not seem to be taking off . The  Government does not have a plausible answer on the job creation data.  This is despite the Prime Minister  going around the world seeking investments in India and  even  granting 100% FDI in various sectors. Perhaps economists need to  think of alternative models other than inviting FDI and similar measures under Economic Reform process.

The Prime Minister often highlights that 22 crore accounts were opened under  the  Jan Dhan Yojana.  At the ground level we have not seen any turnaround in rural  economy  by virtue of these accounts.  People’s participation in Prime Minister’s  social security schemes  is very limited as these  did not appeal to the masses  to the extent desired.


The State Government of Assam

Assam faces many serious problems and let’s have patience. But  I want talk about two actionable  and relatively less complex  points,

  • Saving Rhino
  • Industrialization

Immediately after assuming  office the Chief Minister ordered that the office of the Principal Chief Conservator of  Forests or PCCF  which is in Guwahati  should be shifted to Kaziranga so as to monitor Rhino protection.  I thought it  was an “Out of  Box  Idea” and awaited more news on the development. But nothing seems to be happening as of now.

Recently I heard the  Assam Industry Minister announcing that  the automobile giant Mahindras will open a manufacturing  unit in Assam. Great News.  But my concern is how long we will have to wait till something tangible happens on ground.


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