Three Interviews

Thought of sharing  my views on  some points from recent  interviews given by three important persons.  In two cases viz  in interviews of  Narendra Modi and Sarbananda Sonowal, the interviewees defended themselves on their performances  while in the third case  the  veteran congressman P Chidambaram presented a rebuttal.

Narendra Modi

His eloquence continues to be excellent. The interview was like another format of his “Mann Ki Baat”. The interviewer from the government friendly   media house was exceptionally soft.  Even a gullible person  like me was not  convinced on Modi’s explanation on job creation and private investment. The Prime Minister talked about Mudra Loan and that his government is allowing all businesses to work round the clock. He says that both the measures  create jobs. Similarly private investment is not gaining momentum as the previous  UPA regime  ruined the economy , the Prime Minister asserts.

Mudra Loan existed in the past under a different name. True that the Government pressurized PSU banks to liberally disburse Mudra Loans. But  banks facing severe NPA  crises obviously followed its established criteria to sanction loans.  If  Mudra Loans create jobs  the Prime Minister would have been proudly talking about job creation data for  the last two years.

Businesses should work round the clock. But they would do so only if there is profit  in the prevailing demand/supply matrix.  No business would work round the clock to create jobs.

Blaming the previous government after being in office for  over two years is the  most surprising thing. We were ready  to hear and accept ideas like global economic recession and Brexit !

Sarbananda Sonowal

Could not completely see the interview due to family  commitments.  Heard him talking about the porous Indo-Bangla Border and the need to seal it. The current Chief Minister of Assam  is a specialist on the subject and he has been fighting all along on this issue. But I was surprised to hear that the border continues to be porous even today.

Guarding and sealing an international border is the responsibility of the  central government.  Assuming Congress as a pro immigration party we have to admit that even  the BJP has been in power in Delhi for a reasonably long period. The current BJP government  in Delhi  is more than two years old. Could not understand why Indo-Bangla border continues  to be porous.


P Chidambaram

The articulate congressman avoided any harsh word like “match box”. He naturally defended the economic policies of the previous UPA governments and also appreciated the current government for carrying on  UPA initiatives like MNREGA and AADHAR. Even a direct question on the performance of the current government was avoided  by him and like a true congressman Mr. Chidambaram  suggested that “ Minorities” , “Dalits” and     “Women” may not be safe under the  present government!


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