Indian Army and Kashmir



The good news is that the Indian Army conducted surgical strike inside Pakistan and destroyed terror launch pads. It is also good to hear that the Indian Army informed its Pakistani counterpart  immediately after the operations and told them that the objective was achieved and the operation ended. Pakistani denial of the incident was welcome because it ensured that there was no escalation and no possibility of a war. The incident proved Indian military capability and Pakistan surely learnt a lesson.

But the bad news is that acts of terrorism continue in Kashmir even after the surgical strike. Therefore we can doubt at the effectiveness of the strike.

Also beyond good and bad news there are ugly things about the surgical strike. The international media did not seem to be fully convinced about the strike and so is the case with some Indian politicians. But the Indian media which acted like a patriotic security adviser to the Government started attacking anybody having a second thought on the surgical strike.

The logic put forward by the patriotic Indians including media houses is that in this crisis  time we should believe and support the army. But in a democracy, though  army is an important institution it is bound by the directives of the political bosses and it does not enjoy autonomy to conduct a surgical strike. And if the political master asked them to tell a lie, may be for a strategic reason the army must do so or else the system will collapse.

Last year there were claims by the Government of India that the army had crossed over to Myanmar and destroyed camps of terrorist outfits of North East India. But the media space on this operation was limited and reaction from Myanmar Government was nominal. Myanmar, on expected lines denied that there was any operation by Indian Army inside its territory. The outcome of this operation is not clearly known to us but we are aware that terror camps engaged in anti India activities exist in Myanmar even today.

Resorting to military action is an indication of diplomatic failure. Not sure if we can permanently avoid talking the “ Kashmir Issue”. As per newspaper reports, though details are not known Government of India and Naga militant outfits are close to a final solution. Reports also talk of “Paradigm Shift” in the approach of the Government of India towards the Naga issue. Can’t we have “Paradigm Shift” for Kashmir also?


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