Arnab Goswami: a Bengali of Assam Roots

I am not a big fan of Arnab Goswami. But I watched his Newshour whenever I could manage time and found the topic interesting. He was a talking point during his tenure as the editor in chief of Times Now. Even after his exit from the electronic media some people continue writing about him through the online media. Recently I read a post about him which says that Arnab Goswami is set to join politics and then it goes on to talk about his background and family history etc. In the end there is an abrupt and out of context declaration that he is a “Bengali of Assam roots”.

I wondered what could be reasons for such strange declarations. I have not heard Prannoy Roy being called a British of Bengal roots or Rajdeep Sardesai a Maratha of Gujarat origin or Barkha Dutt a Punjabi of Kasmir roots. Perhaps I will be stoned if I say Rabindra Nath Tagore is a Bihari of Bengal roots.

No doubt we see a surge of Assam experts these days and these experts give us new insights from time to time. Just before Assam Elections  2016, the intellectual TV channel NDTV informed us that all Muslims in Assam are “Bengali Muslims” and (Sarbananda) Sonowal  is “ an Ahom” contested from Mishing majority Majuli.

Perhaps with expertise on Assam of so many people on the rise the day is not far when people will start describing Gaurav Gogoi as a Thai/Chinese/Burmese of Assam roots and Prafulla Mahanta as an Oriya of Nagaon roots.

Let’s decide, whether we should laugh or cry?


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