AG, LG and the Transformation of Assam Youth

In the late eighties and nineties there used be doubts over the  loyalty of Assamese people  to the Indian State and therefore the central  government at that time whispered  the UPSC to filter out Assamese candidates.  This is what I overheard in a conversation of important individuals long time ago. Any way things have changed completely now and today at least two gentlemen from Assam, AG and LG  are  holding the patriotic flag up and high.

AG  in his new avatar has successfully overtaken the role of Ministry of Home Affairs, Prime Minister’s Office and all investigating agencies. The very first day we learnt from him that Bihar is governed by somebody behind the bar, the second day Sunanda death mystery revealed and so on and so forth. Even we were shown live the movement of maoists in Bastar.

But LG’s case is vexing and I doubt if he himself had anticipated to be a national hero. No doubt as an army man he is a great patriot. But even the army general made a public statement that what LG did was not a professional conduct  and must not be repeated.

But the unfortunate part is that some sections are making him a brave national hero, some are comparing him with the great Ahom general Lachit Barphukan and some elements are trying to crack a joke that “LG is Assam’s Lion”.


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