The Power of English Language

It was a pleasant surprise watching a girl from our neighborhood on TV being interviewed as she is one of the successful candidates in the recently declared all India civil services examination. She looked ecstatic but composed and talked very intelligently. Still I could not understand why she had to use a Hindi  word “Kyunki” while talking in decently good Assamese. Perhaps this is the effect of long years of stay in Delhi for exam preparation or may be like “Hinglish” ,“Hassamese” is also developing fast.

Had she been interviewed in English, perhaps we would have heard clear and complete English without a word borrowed from any other language. Here lies the strength of English language which is only because of us, the natives of the former British colony.

The power of English language is so massive that we can conveniently communicate any difficult ideas through it.  For example the Naga rebel leaders said that “shared sovereignty” is the premise of Indo Naga peace agreement. But not many would understand the meaning of “shared sovereignty” and the Government of India can easily avoid giving an explanation.

“Layoff” is a word heard and seen regularly in recent days which means “termination”. Termination sounds harsh but layoff is trendy but consequences are the same. The response of the IT industry regarding layoff is beautifully crafted as “workforce realignment is a normal part of the internal process of companies based on their operational imperatives”.   A well written sentence but can’t mitigate the devastation of layoff.

Commenting on hyper-nationalism by some TV channels in recent times a scholar wrote “Pornography gratifies but fails to satisfy”.  I am yet to understand the comment fully but perhaps the writer would have found it difficult to put across his point in any other language.


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