Assam Brand Ambassador- My Nominations

Though there is no official confirmation, news items and articles indicate that Priyanka Chopra is already made the  Assam Brand Ambassador by the Tourism Department of Government of Assam.  While some other news items suggest that PC is under consideration and is the frontrunner along with other candidates  under consideration  such as Sachin Tendulkar and perhaps Ranbir Kapur. The fees  asked for by PC as per media reports is Rs1.5 crore per day.  Media reports also inform that Amitabh Bachchan did not charge a penny for doing a similar promotion for Gujarat State.

Anger is already visible across some  sections specially against the money part  for hiring PC.  I also decided to spend some time thinking who could be perhaps better, more economical , effective and acceptable brand ambassador of Assam.

My humble submission is that I have no malicious intent against any of the nominees  from my side.

Arnab Goswami

Undoubtedly the most talked about Assamese in the country today is Arnab Goswami.  My admiration for AG is not for his extreme nationalist and anti Pakistan stand but rather his lone battle seeking justice for Sheena Bora, the murdered Assamese girl.  Though he has critics back home for not being able to highlight Assam floods as a national issue, in contrast to  Barkha Dutt successfully projecting Kashmir , her home state as the most prominent  national issue. But I have seen AG proudly declaring himself as an Assamese in the prime time national media. I am  not sure whether a working  journalist fits  in the role of a brand ambassador  or whether AG himself would like the idea. I sincerely hope he will charge much less than PC in case he agrees.

Zubin and Papon

Any of them or both them can be great brand ambassador(s)  of Assam. Both of them are known nationally if not internationally.  Zubin and Papon are self made individuals. They as brand ambassadors can also promote music of Assam along with tourism.



Priyadarshini Chatterjee

She is no less beautiful or gorgeous  than PC.  Perhaps she is the only lady from Assam  to be crowned  as Miss India . Though she may not be an Assamese in  the strictest sense or she may not like us to call her an Assamese but the impeccable Assamese she spoke  while talking to local media after the  award kept us spellbound. I hope she will charge less and  the gesture from state government  will  contribute to the state’s unity.



Kalpana Patowary

Difficult to imagine that a girl from Assam with humble backgrounds   can be the queen of Bhojpuri music. I have read and heard about  her struggles in the music world  and surely she has curved out some space for herself.  Bhojpuri is also a widely spoken language and she as a brand ambassador of the state may click.


Borosha Rani Bishaya

I have been her fan since she started her career as a TV host.  She is articulate and a successful actor. She is also popular as an actor with Assamese mobile theatre groups. Her down to earth lifestyle , like going around the state in night service buses while working with mobile theatre  groups is an example. She is also a firebrand lady if the situation demands.  An example—during  her stage performance perhaps in Lakhimpur, some hooligans sitting in the gallery used obscene  words. She chased them from the stage to the gallery and then organizers had to intervene. Let me submit , Borosha is my number one nomination.


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